Old Harbour Railway Station, St Catherine

  • Old Harbour Railway Station
    Old Harbour Railway Station, St Catherine, Jamaica

I fancied checking out Old Harbour as friends live there. Over the last couple of years they have repeatedly mentioned the train station. Maybe they just likes trains, who knows? I didn’t realise Jamaica still uses trains (the passenger service ended years ago) but sure enough as we pull up the sound of a freight train could be heard in the distance. Constructed in 1879,  Old Harbour station is still standing albeit in a shabby state, but the original paint colouring is amazing – Farrow and Ball eat your heart out- elephant fart greens and dolphin burp blues galore.

This historic site provides a fascinating snapshot of Jamaica’s recent history.  Early in the morning, just after sunrise, it is quite atmospheric.  Imagine standing on a deserted rail station platform from a time gone by.  It is also possible to squeeze in through the border-up door and explore the inside.

From the station, it is not too far to drive to Colbeck Castle, so make a day of it and visit both sites.  To get to Colbeck, drive towards Old Harbour, pass straight through the town and continue north into the countryside. 

Directions To Old Harbour Railway Station:

It is superbly easy to find, sitting just of the main highway.  The Station is visible from the junction with the T1 highway and the Old Harbour turning.  Cross the railway line and turn right on the track; it is possible to drive right up to the building.  

Coordinates: 17.9332-77.10956

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