Kingston Bacchanal

  • No parking problems at Bacchanal, Kingston
    Plenty of parking spaces available

For the last couple of years, I’ve been telling myself that I am going to take part in Kingston carnival before leaving Jamaica. But I’m not great with the sun and if I’m honest I’m a hopeless dancer. I’m still throwing out dance moves I learn’t in my old school friend Toni’s bedroom. Parading the streets of Kingston in a bikini covered with feathers will just confirm my fears. Naked I look like a plucked chicken.

But the great thing about Kingston carnival is that if you don’t feel like spending USD $500+ on a costume or sweating it out in the hot sun dancing your Soca heart out, then just buy a ticket for some of the mas camp pre-carnival parties. Enjoying the carnival spirit but as a spectator. Win.

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