Just One Pattie, Give it to Me




Since moving to Jamaica I have fallen in love with patties to the point that I’m on first name terms with the staff at my local pattie shop. Which can be embarrassing especially when they shout during the lunchtime rush ‘ why yuh back mi say you had 2 patties already’. I can’t help myself, the crispy pastry, the delicious fillings, it’s like everyone’s guilty pleasure; Gregg’s but the Jamaican version. I can sort of trick myself into thinking the carb loaded treat is good for me by washing it down with a bottle of coconut water but in reality there’s probably a reason my jeans don’t fit any more.

I eat too many patties. There is just something so good about the spicy Jamaican pattie that makes it the ultimate king of fast snacks. Until I moved to Jamaica, I didn’t realise such a thing as pattie snobbery existed. Don’t bother buying your patties from Mother’s…Tastee will do, but there isn’t much filling.  Whilst, Tastee are simply everywhere, the best patties in Kingston are to be found at the Kingston staple Brick Oven, just off busy Hope Road, you’d probably miss it if you didn’t know it was there. It’s been selling patties and cakes for the last twenty years and has a loyal following of Kingston’s great and good.

It’s not just the patties bulking me up though, I also eat way too much fried breadfruit and don’t get me started on the potato pudding, corn pone and plantain tarts that i’ll scoff at any given opportunity. Some friends recently told me that I’m more Jamaican than I realise as I complained (but ate regardless) about the quality of a gas station muffin. I’m travelling tomorrow and I’m already worrying about my Jamaican food rations. it’s the Caribbean, it’s all the same, my husband shouts as I lament dining options. But it’s not all the same, I say as I wrap patties for my journey,  don’t worry, I tell him; I’ve got it covered.

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