How to Cure a Cold with White Rum

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It’s December, you’ve got a cold and you’ve tried all the usual remedies, and nothing seems to work. What do you do? My personal recommendation is that you keep a bottle of white rum for medicinal purposes. That’s right, you really can cure a cold with white rum*. Read on to find out how.

Jamaica, land of wood and water is abundant with luscious tropical vegetation and forests.  Alternative and herbal remedies for all sorts of ailments grow naturally here. From fever grass tea, moringa leaf salad to drinking aloe vera juice; Jamaicans have a herbal remedy for everything.

What you might not know is that white rum is also a popular tonic for numerous illnesses especially the common cold. So if you’re suffering from a cold or flu try some white rum in one of the popular ways listed below.  By the way, it’s also good for removing stubborn marks from your favourite dress and warding off evil spirits.

1. A Splash of White Rum with Some Fresh Lime Juice

Rum and Lime
Whilst a G&T can keep mosquitoes at bay, a rum and lime can kill your cold.

Fresh lime is packed with vitamin C and so it makes sense to reach for the lime when you’re suffering from a cold or flu. Lifting those winter sniffles the Jamaican way is easier than you think and you don’t have to be in Jamaica to do it.  Citrus fruits are great for their fever-reducing qualities and mixed with some white rum become an instant tonic. Simply squeeze some fresh Jamaican lime into a shot of white rum and sip, you can pretend you’re on a Caribbean beach while you’re at it. Failing that, stare at your Jamaica beach scene screensaver for a few minutes. You’ll be feeling totally tropical in no time.


2. Add some Rum to your Coffee

Rum and coffee
When a Starbucks just isn’t enough…add some white rum to your coffee.

Flu, it’s a horrible thing. All you want to do is curl up under your duvet, sleep and be left alone with your misery. The reality is you get on with things, coughing and spluttering over anyone or anything that gets in your way. However, suffer no more; forget sitting at your desk with a packet of paracetamol and a hot lemon drink. What you really need is a cup of black coffee (Jamaican Blue Mountain of course) with a shot of overproof rum added to it. Guaranteed to get you through the working day or knock you out completely. How does it work? Honestly? I’m not quite sure but if you’re going to have flu you might as well be wasted on rum at the same time.


3. Rub Up With It

Available in 3 litre bottles - so you never have to worry about running out of the good stuff.
Available in 3 litre bottles – so you never have to worry about running out of the good stuff.

Fever? Aching joints? Sore throat? Sniffles? The common cold often leaves you feeling as useful as a damp tissue. So make like a Jamaican and rub up yuh self with some white rum. Simply pour a little white rum into the palm of your hands and rub it over your face and head. Easier for those with very short hair. Equivalent to a rum facial, and at 63% overproof, this one will disinfect you but leave you smelling like you fell into a rum barrel. Great for killing those nasty germs, but don’t stand near a naked flame!  Oh, and it will also remove your makeup.

*Always drink responsibility and if in doubt seek advice from a medical practitioner. 

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