7 Best Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaican food represents some of the best food in the world and Kingston is a foodies dream. From the street jerk sellers on Hope road to the upmarket restaurant scene, Jamaican food is a melting pot of cultures and people. And no matter where you go, expect jerk in some form or another.

Here are 7 of the Best Restaurants in Kingston:

1. Mi Hungry, Sun Cooked Vegetarian Cuisine 


No sugar- no flour-no water-no fire, this place is all about raw eating. Sun cooked vegan meals made by rasta I-wara Mamher-Tafari. Mi Hungry is a vegan restaurant serving Ital meals, natural juices, ice cold red stripe and sound system vibes. Try the zucchini rastalini, washed down with a Hempress shake. This is Guilt-free goodness rasta style.  Mi Hungry is quite simply one of the best restaurants in Kingston for vegetarian food.

Mi Hungry, Sun Cooked Vegan Meals, Market Place, 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston

2. Gloria’s Rendezvous


OK, so not exactly a convenient location unless you’re coming from the airport, but Gloria’s is a special place. Lobster, conch, escovitch fish, curried fish, fried fish, fish stew, jerk shrimp…it’s all here. There are two, the big Gloria’s tends to get pretty busy and the waiting time for food can border on the insane (2+ hours). My advice, place your entire order with Barry before you even sit down. This is no place to leisurely sit studying the menu. Gloria’s has a  reputation as one of the best restaurants in Kingston, but it gets busy, so go super early and avoid the crowds. You’ve been warned.

Gloria’s Rendezvous (Port Royal), Kingston

3. Majestic Sushi and Grill

Jamaica land of jerk and now jerk sushi and don’t get me started on Japanese fried chicken. Expect some of the best sushi and sashimi in Jamaica here, lovingly prepared by Japanese chefs.

Majestic Sushi and Grill, Villa Ronai Old Stony Hill road, Kingston

4. Saffron Indian Cuisine

There’s a reason the Jamaican Indian community flock to this Kingston staple (both the Marketplace and Orchid Village Tamarind branch are popular) – amazing curries and breads. The reshmi kebab (chicken breast marinated in turmeric and ghee and then cooked in a tandoor) and the dhal tadka will leave you salivating for more.

Saffron Indian Cuisine, Market Place, 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston

5. Jojos Jerkpit



This Kingston jerk hot-spot is legendary, having been around for over twenty years, the jerk just keeps bringing people back. Hidden up a nondescript lane, just off busy Waterloo road, you’d be forgiven for missing it, or not finding it at all. Popular with locals and expats alike who flock here for the jerk chicken and pork and laid back ambiance. The owners used to live in Toronto and homage to their time there there’s even jerk poutine on the menu.  If after a couple of Redstripes you’re convinced you can sing, there is karaoke every Thursday night. Prepare to be entertained.

Jojos Jerkpit, 12 Waterloo Road, Kingston

6. Dragon Court

This long standing Chinese eaterie is where you’ll spot the Chinese Ambassador enjoying a bite. Sunday brunch offers a plethora of dim-sum and delights. The food is great as is the service, it’s a little pricey by Kingston standards but certainly worth it.

Dragon Court, 6 South Avenue, Kingston

7. Devon House Bakery


Whilst the land of jerk, Jamaica is also home to the patty and Devon House Bakery makes the best ones in Jamaica. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Located in the stunning grounds of Devon house, relax under the shade of a mango tree, with an ice cold jelly (from the dispenser but it’s fresh enough) and a pattie or two.

Devon House, 26 Old Hope Road, Kingston

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