7 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

Since moving to Jamaica I have become obsessed with coconut oil, it’s natural, rich in beneficial fats like lauric acid and triglycerides that benefit the body and is one of the healthiest substances available. It’s also super versatile and can be used for cooking, health, cleaning, washing in fact you can use it for pretty much everything and anything. Here are 7 great uses for this wondrous tropical oil:




1. Use it to remove make-up

Removing make-up has never been so easy. Just a small dab of coconut oil on a cotton pad will quickly liquefy eye makeup, making it easy to wipe off. It’s super hydrating and will make your skin feel nourished and loved. Once your make-up is removed use a warm cloth (with a few drops of Dr Bronner’s castile soap) to clean off any residue.



2. Replace your moisturisers with coconut oil

When I first moved to Jamaica I was amazed at how gorgeous Jamaican women’s skin is. Finally, I asked my Jamaican friend to share her secret. You guessed it, she was using coconut oil. So I ditched my expensive face creams and started using raw, organic,cold pressed coconut oil instead. I swear it keeps wrinkles at bay too (in the very dim light of the bathroom I could be 30 again, hooray) and it’s super light on my skin and absorbs really quickly. I’m hyper sensitive to lots of things and I find it’s a real soothing tonic for my sensitive skin. Folks, I’ll never buy a face cream again.



3. Oil Pulling

Us Brits don’t have the best rep when it comes to dental hygiene. But I’m obsessed with nice teeth. And Jamaicans all seem to be blessed with gorgeous white smiles. I recently tried bleaching in an attempt to imitate that super-white Hollywood look but it left me in such agonising pain, my husband handed me a shot of vodka, a sedative and sent me to bed. When my Jamaican beautician suggested I try oil pulling, I was sceptical. But in for a penny, and white teeth with no pain, I tried it and was soon a convert. Swirl coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes each morning (if you’re not in the tropics and your oil has solidified – use a couple of large tablespoons), spit out and then rinse your mouth with wam water. Repeat each evening too. After a couple of weeks you’ll notice whiter teeth. Say cheese!



4. Drink it or chow down on it

My lovely mum recommended this one to me, substitute butter for coconut oil on your toast for a tropical breakfast treat. Try a couple of tablespoons in your porridge for a rich coconut taste or add it to your flapjacks before you bake them. Stick it in your coffee with some butter for an amazing bulletproof coffee ala Dave Asprey. You could even replace traditional cooking oils with coconut oil – I swear the taste is really mild (bordering non-coconut) when used this way and it’s so much healthier than using vegetable or sunflower oil.



5. Shave your legs with it

Simply pour (or warm your jar in some hot water first to liquefy) and then tip into your hands and moisturise/lather onto your legs and pits and there you go. An instant shave cream that moisturisers and soothes at the same time. And it leaves your legs with a super, high def shine. You’ll never want to hide your legs behind tights again.

6. Super soft, kissable lips

Never have chapped lips again. Decant some coconut oil into a small pot for a natural lip salve or instant lip gloss. I keep mine in the fridge but if you don’t live at 35 degrees celsius, your handbag will work just as well.

7. Massage oil with a difference

Fancy a spa like experience in the comfort of your own home? Forget stinky shop bought, artificial sensual oils with their 0.1% essential oil and 99.9% of ingredients that you can’t actually pronounce. Get your significant other, or even a stranger if that’s your bag, to hit play on your favourite Enya CD and massage you up with some coconut oil. It’s super absorbent, smells gorgeous and won’t leave you looking like you just rolled in last night’s fish and chip wrapper.

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